"... the Ergoline Beauty the MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! After the first month, I noticed a huge difference in my skin overall. People have told me it looks and feels like I have "new" skin"

- J Davis

"I have been in the retail business managing employees for 25 years and it is absolutely refreshing to see your staff in action. Either you have an incredible training program or you have an excellent knack for sourcing a wonderful talent pool.

The customer service skills here are top notch. Everyone is greeted with a smile. They all have a remarkable memory for names and as they are presenting sales opportunities it is never a pushy sell but rather a genuine care for providing the appropriate product for the person in front of them."

- Diane Y

"As an extremely satisfied long-time customer of Island Sun Tanning, I would highly recommend the salon to anyone looking for a quality tanning experience. The facilities have a welcoming ambiance and are always clean and well maintained. There are a variety of tanning beds, tanning lotions and pricing options to meet everyone's needs. Most importantly, I am impressed with the salon ownership and tanning consultants; they are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and committed to outstanding customer service. New and veteran customers alike always feel welcome when they come through the door. Island Sun Tanning is the complete package in tanning salons!"

K. Hart

- K Hart

"The experience is always the greatest whenever I come into tan. The staff is friendly and informative on any products that I might be interested in. The salon is always spotless and someone is always cleaning or re-arranging or decorating which shows me that the staff takes pride in their job and salon!!!! The tanning beds are great too, especially this time of year it is a welcome change from the cold and my color is always even and natural looking. The friendliness and knowledge of the staff makes all the difference to me in my tanning experience!!! Keep up the great work"

K. Bucholsky

- K Bucholsky

"Island Sun is the best place to tan with the best employees!"

J. Miller

- J Miller

"I've been coming to island sun for 7 yrs now and the staff is always super friendly. You always feel great afterwards and it really does relieve stress."

D. Ferrara

- D Ferrera

"I've been coming to island sun since High School because I love it here. I always get so many compliments on how tan I am!"

H. Escudaro

- H Escadaro

"I like my tan a lot better when I'm tanning and spray tanning. Island sun has the best spray tan because it doesn't make you smelly! The sunless booth is very up to date because it offers you a prep cycle and it cleans itself. The best part is how its dries you."

K. Cook

- K Cook